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Компания COMEUP примет участие в SEMA Show 4-7 ноября 2014

One of the cool aspects of the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in  Las Vegas, Nevada, is the sheer number of new products that are introduced. Many  companies make it a point to unveil new products at the show, so there's a  surprise around every corner. Literally. It could be a daunting task for  SEMA-goers to find and view all the new products, but SEMA management makes it  easy to peruse the new offerings by putting together a new products area.  Genius. This new products area is literally row after row of the newest stuff  from a number of manufacturers. Now you might think that this area would play “second fiddle” to all the booths and vehicles, but it most certainly doesn't.  As a matter of fact, people flock to the area to see the latest and greatest  products from scores of aftermarket manufacturers. We hit the new products area  today as well and we've collected a few products that caught our eye. We were  happy to see several new winches, front and rear bumpers, and several other  4x4-friendly goodies in the mix. It's clear that many aftermarket manufacturers  have been hard at work designing some cool new products for us off-road  junkies.

Comeup Usa 9500 Pound Electric Winch Photo 85553437

What: COMEUP USA Blazer winch with 8,000-pound twin motors,  twin submersible sealed contactors, and 7 hp series-wound motors.


15 октября 2014 г.

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